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Earn points for your Team when you are caught being:

Responsible, Respectful, Safe!

The Bears

The Bears

The Lions

The Lions

The Eagles

The Eagles

The Mustangs

The Mustangs

School Rules




            Students, parents and staff will:

            1.          Be courteous and respectful.

            2.          Take responsibility for the cleanliness of the bathroom,

     campus, playground at all times.

            3.          Use appropriate respectful, school language.

            4.          Strive for student achievement.



            Students will:

            1.          Respect the authority of all school personnel.

            2.          All students will refer to adults as Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss.

            3.          Not bring candy, soda, or gum to school.

            4.          Walk quietly at all times.

            5.          Go directly home after classes unless attending an after

     school activity with parent’s permission.

            6.          Leave radios, toys, markers, etc. at home.

            7.          Not fight.



            Students will:

            1.          Line up quietly in the lunch line.

            2.          Will walk and stand appropriately in line at all times.

            3.          Eat quietly in the assigned lunch area.

            4.          Respect and cooperate with lunch pavilion supervisors.

            5.          Remain seated until class is dismissed.

            6.          Clean up their area and dispose all trash in trash cans.

            7.          Not remove food from the lunch area.

            8.          Walk in an orderly manner to the playground.



            Students will:

            1.          Play in their assigned areas.

            2.          Follow directions given by all yard duty supervisors.

            3.          Use the bathroom only with yard supervisors permission.

Follow the 3 B's and these Simple Rules!

Bee 1.jpgBe kind to everyone!

Bee 3.jpgKeep hands to yourself!

Bee 2.jpgFollow directions!