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General Education Program

Maurice Sendak's General Education Program is delineated from the State's Curriculum Frameworks, which are standards students should know at every grade level from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.  These standards are published on the website.  The teachers strive to teach new concepts and enrich students' lives with new knowledge and information of the world.  Critical thinking skills are built upon previously learned experiences, from concrete to abstract.  Teachers use multiple strategies and resources to stimulate student's learning and thinking.  


LA's Best Program is an enrichment program for our students after regular school hours ends at 2:25.  The program runs from 2:25 pm to 6:00 pm.  Although this program is carried out at our campus, it is an independent program under the auspices of Beyond the Bell.  This program is very popular and is structured with highly trained staff to carry out learning activities for students.  Please inquire with Ms. Munoz, the program coordinator, if you are interested in enrolling your students.  Because of the program's popularity, there is a possibility the enrollment is already at its capacity.  In which case, you may be asked to be on the waiting list.

Other Programs

Within the school year, depending on the grants or government funding, Sendak may be able to have other programs for our students.  Some of these programs are:  Intervention Programs - to give additional support to students who need re-teaching of a concept or standard.  LINK - to give Gifted students or potentially Gifted students activities that challenge their minds and stimulate thinking.  Tuesday Tutoring Club - Certain students who may need just a little push to become better readers with the support of staff.  Other programs within the school days include Instrumental Music, Choral Music, ST Math, Art, Dance and Drama.  With the state budget cuts and fiscal crisis at the district level, Sendak is trying to preserve the programs.